Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Your brain controls so much of your body and well-being. Keep your mind sharp and healthy by engaging in mentally stimulating activities such as expanding your knowledge and skills through continued learning, inviting curiosity, creative thinking and exploration.

Read below for five activities you can do to improve your intellectual wellness:

1. Read

Reading stimulates the mind and expands one’s learning and imagination. It has been scientifically proven to keep your mind sharper longer.  Reading can relieve stress and help you relax before bed. Next time you are deciding on what to do with your free time, set down your phone or TV remote and open up a book that interests you, your brain will thank you.

2. Engage Your Imagination

Start asking questions and become curious about things that interest you. Creativity stimulates the brain differently which in turn improves your overall health. Listen to music, make art, learn something new and engage with your interests. You will be much happier because of it.

3. Get Outside and Play

Being active has many benefits, including positively affecting your brain. Unplug from the world of technology and get outside. Your mind and body will become more relaxed. Make time to go outside every day. Even get your family involved—everyone will benefit from the outdoors and having fun.

4. Take Brain and Body Power Naps

Your brain needs a break sometimes, too. Try taking a short power nap for 30 minutes or less, or spend quiet time in meditation to slow down and refocus. In turn, this will give you more energy, sharpen your brain and positively change your mood.

5. Hang Out with Your Buddies

As humans, we are made for community and connection. Make sure to engage with your family and friends on a consistent basis to positively benefit your mental health and increase your quality of life.

Social Media

Here are two social media posts for you to use on your business or personal profiles to promote intellectual wellness and life insurance. Click on the image to enlarge, then right click and save to your desktop. Click here for caption ideas. 

Life Chat Podcast

Intellectual wellness is a state of being, inspiring curiosity within yourself and the world around you. Rebecca Cloud, adult services librarian with the Des Moines Public Library, encourages listeners to try new things and be open to new ideas. Her passion for learning sparks a desire to spend time on our own intellectual wellness, creating balance and harmony in our lives.

More Resources

Intellectual wellness is key to maintaining a healthy quality of life. It also positively benefits your health, which can lower your life insurance premiums, making it easier to provide peace of mind to those you love. Contact us to learn more.

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