The D.I.M.E. Method

The D.I.M.E. Method

Do you know how much life insurance your clients need? Most experts recommend up to 7x – 10x their income. It may seem like a lot, but ask your clients the following questions to figure out how much life insurance they need:

  • Debt – What your current debt load?
  • Income – How many years does your family needs funds?
  • Mortgage – How much money would your family need to pay off a mortgage?
  • Education – What will it cost to send your children to college?

How much your client owes directly impacts their loved ones if the unthinkable should happen. The solution? Life insurance. By answering the above questions, completing our Needs Analysis Worksheet (EMK473) and using Life Happens’ Life Insurance Needs Calculator, you can determine what product and amount will best fit your client’s needs.

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